67 eleanor for sale

67 eleanor for sale

B rand New Muscle Car.

67 eleanor for sale

Search Results. Official Licensed "Gone in 60 Seconds". Where for the first time you can design and order your favorite classic muscle car hand built from scratch with all new, all metal body and parts or your original body shell cleaned and restored just the way you want it!

With Brand New Muscle Car you have your choice of year, make, model, motor, transmission, rear end, colors, inside and out, trim, etc. Order Yours Today! Redbud Avenue. BA, OK Images and text contained on this site belong to their credited owners. All rights reserved. Copyright C brandnewmusclecar. Copyright C - All Rights Reserved. Google Reseller and informational site policy. Ads may use the trademark in ad text if they meet the following requirements: Resellers: The ad's landing page is primarily dedicated to selling or clearly facilitating the sale of products or services, components, replacement parts, or compatible products or services corresponding to the trademark.

The landing page must clearly provide a way to purchase the products or services or display commercial information about them, such as rates or prices.

Informational sites: The primary purpose of the ad's landing page is to provide informative details about products or services corresponding to the trademark.Eleanor was This vehicle is being sold at the Indy as Lot No.

Mecum Auctions Chicago, IL. This two-owner, Night Mist Blue GT is a full rotisserie-restored example with numbers-matching components. No listings found! Widen search by de-selecting one or more search filter items.

Register an account to save your searches for more than 30 days. Owner Mecum Auctions Chicago, IL X Success Your e-mail has been sent. You will be sent a copy of this email to the email address you provided. Make Ford show more show less.

Model Mustang show more show less. Year show more show less. All Used Mustang Bronco 1. Cortina 2. F 1. Mustang GT 2. Mustang Shelby GT 2. Mustang Shelby GT 5. Ranchero 1. Black 1. Blue 6. Gray 6. Green 1.Angelina Jolie with dreads? Nick Cage at his peak? A borderline lawless Los Angeles filled with the finest cars on the road, ripe for the taking a la Grand Theft Auto?

The stuff that dreams are made of. When the official Eleanors came out a few years ago, I, and I assume many others, were disappointed. Here was a car that had occupied so much of my pre-pubescent automotive longing, and in the metal it just felt like a hollow knock-off that was priced accordingly. In steps Fusion Motor Company, who are filling in the gap with an obsessively engineered offering.

I sat down with the owner of Fusion, Yoel Wazana, the other day after driving the car around Chatsworth California. She had originally licensed it to a company called Classic Recreations in Oklahoma who had the license for a few years, and when it expired without being renewed, we came in and asked for an exclusive license for the product. YW : So when we got the license we were a small shop: about 11, square feet doing repairs and building a few cars.

What I think really excited Denice [the owner of the movie rights] was when she came to our facility and saw my manufacturing ability—at the time I owned another company where we manufacture toner cartridges and ink cartridges—and how we owned and maintained key patents in that industry.

She was pretty impressed, and so offered us the opportunity to build the cars. We partnered almost immediately and got right to work. TG : So if I understand correctly, licensing the Eleanor name is a bit like licensing the image rights of Mickey Mouse? YW : Yeah it happens a fair amount. There have actually been two lawsuits around Eleanor builds which have gone all the way to the 9th Circuit Court. TG : So once you got the license, what was the first step?

YW : I think the first thing we did was buy a lot of body kits.

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We tried to find out what was in the market already, because there are other people that are truly trying to knock off the car. So we went to Wilwood Brakes, contracted with them to make a private label brake kit for the car. We then went to Roush, same deal.

We went to Attometer too, where we designed the custom gauges with them. We tried to get the car to really be exclusive, to not just buy stuff off the shelf and just throw it on there and call it an Eleanor. It took us almost two years to put everything together to where we felt we had a car that could be put into the market. TG : How does each car begin its life? We are constantly testing what the best condition is to buy them before we take it down to bare metal and media blast it, etcetera.

Each car gets roughly miles of testing done on it before the client gets the keys, which allows us to really properly shake it down and adjust every single thing so that when they take delivery the car is absolutely sorted and ready to be an amazing daily driver. TG : Who else in the marketplace makes a competing product?

Who do you look at as a competitor for something like this? If I had to choose somebody, Rob Dickinson at Singer takes a similar approach and applies a similar level of detail to their product. I think where we are a little different is that we probably at this point are doing more stuff in-house.

We are doing our own carbon, we are doing paint and body, upholstery, pretty much all of it. I think we are actually kind of unique compared to the market at this point.

67 eleanor for sale

The main thing that we want people to know is that when you look at the level of engineering that goes into our cars, the quality and attention to detail in every build is just unparalleled.Since sixth-generation Ford Mustang global exports began in through DecemberFord has soldcoupes and convertibles […]. To celebrate the sale of the first million Mustangs, Ford did a special Sprint package in the spring of The Pick of the Day is a […].

shelby gt 500 eleanor 67

Carroll Shelby, who was […]. Call it fate, irony, or even the Hand of God, but in I had planned to drive as close to Hudson Bay as was possible. Dad, now 88 and his health in decline, […].

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Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Grand national award winning car, documented restoration matching numbers, excellent condition. There are show cars that look good, and then there are show cars like this custom-engineered M VIN: 7T02G This project started as a rust-free car.

The body was completely media-blasted inside and out. Description from the current owner: "This 67 Mustang was built with passion and attention This vehicle has been consigned to Hemmings Online Auction. The auction ends on Thursday, April Best Offer. Magnificent rotisserie restoration painted in Acapulco Blu Professional recent restoration of this Big-Block Mustang look under this car Ultra rarEleanor was Only 96, Miles!

Ford Eleanor used cars

Driving Emotions Miami, FL. This project started as a rust-free car. The body was completely media-blasted inside and out. A roll bar, subframe connectors and additional bracing were added. Shelby fiberglass panels were No listings found!

Widen search by de-selecting one or more search filter items. Register an account to save your searches for more than 30 days. Driving Emotions Miami, FL X Success Your e-mail has been sent. You will be sent a copy of this email to the email address you provided. Make Ford show more show less. Model Mustang show more show less. Year show more show less.

All Used Mustang Bronco 1. Cortina 2. F 1. Mustang GT 1. Mustang Shelby GT 2. Mustang Shelby GT 4. Ranchero 1. Black 1. Blue 5. Gray 8. Green 1. Grey 1.

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Other 1. Red 2.It will be sold in as-is condition with a clean California title and all applicable documentation. This '67 Shelby GT can be inspected and purchased in-person or bought online with prompt and insured worldwide delivery to any location. View 10 photos of each vehicle, VIN numbers, description of condition, repair estimates, pricing information, mileage, equipment options and confirmation if vehicle starts and runs plus vehicle location and phone numbers.

Our inventory changes daily. More than 8, cars in stock for sale. These are o nly a few examples. We specialize exclusively in easily repairable vehicles at deeply discounted prices since W e offer more than 8, repairable cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, heavy industrial vehicles and classic collectible project cars from multiple inventory locations across the USA and select Canadian cities.

67 eleanor for sale

All vehicles are sold with a title. Financing available on multiple car purchases.

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Prompt worldwide delivery and expert Custom Brokerage services available. Trades-in accepted in any condition. We offer more than 8, repairable vehicles for sale each week.

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Priced to sell quickly at deep discounted prices. We offer a very large selection of more than 2, fixer upper late model and vintage collectible Mustang project cars in stock for sale at deeply discounted prices.

Examples from our vintage Mopar inventory. Examples from our vintage Corvette inventory. Examples of our early Camaro inventory. We offer more than 8, vehicles for sale.All Bodies we build are completely rust-free base car's and everything will be in as new condition.

All Colors are possible, from the correct Pepper grey metallic up to blue, black, red, white or ANY other custom color you desire. All cars are painted in PTTM's own high-quality paint shop's. The underside of the car can either be painted high gloss in car color or factory style red-oxide. All the parts on the car s are also painted correctly. Fromor small blocks to,or stroked cui big blocks or even Boss cui engines everything is possible!

Automatic 3, 4 or even 5 speeds possible, or manual 4 speed top loader, or speed Tremec with dual friction clutches. At your own personal choise, in fully correct eleanor movie style, or custom to you own choise. With around 11 Actual "Real" Eleanor's built for the famous movie: Gone in 60 seconds with actor Nicolas Cage behind the steering wheel. Cars built for jumps and others for the driving action, a show car for the up close shots and a couple of fore promotional goals and for pictures.

All were built from base standard Mustang fastback's and not as many people think or want to believe, from the car where it was based on, the 67 Shelby's GT Some of the movie car's had a manual 4-speed trans and some even had automatic transmissions.

The engines used in these cars were either the cuithe cui and some used the larger cui Ford engines. But today many Eleanor tributes are or can also be built with the Shelby GT's original drivetrain or other Big block Ford performance engines.

The even copied the name from the Shelby, the GT, but an E was added E for Eleanor so you could tell the difference. But besides that, an Eleanor looks fantastic, that's for sure and its a highly desirable car to own, drive and enjoy, there is nothing to argue about that. The guy's who designed the car for the movie were spot on! NON of the movie cars were built with functional NOS nitro systems, but most car's had the bottle and the actuator switch in the car there for the looks but none of them had a fully functional system.

1967 Mustang Eleanor Shelby GT500

The suspension systems were mostly stock style Mustang suspensions with rear leaf springs and manual or power steering boxes. Only a couple of car's that were built and actually driven had some better, more performance orientated type of suspension upgrades, but nothing really special as you see now on some of the Eleanor tributes that were built after the movie cars.

However all of the cars in the movie were p ainted in the popular pepper gray metallic color and all had the black Shelby style stripes, a nd of course the Eleanor style body kit and front and rear end.

So, all in all, every Eleanor that was build for use in or on the movie set was different, so building a tribute to these cars is more or less a freehand of taste, budget, and style as none of them were the same.

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